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About Birthstones

  • Lord of Mars
  • Health
  • Venus
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Chalcedony
  • Saturn
  • Coral
  • Hessonite Garnet
  • Moon Stone
  • Emerald

The Lord of Mar's - Red Coral
  • Aries : The extra Ordinary Magic Prevents from the girl spirits. It prevents from all kinds of problems. There are many precious stones that prevents from various diseases and problems like diamond, ruby, etc.
  • Taurus : The Lord of Venus (color White) moon stone, yellow pearl, Hessonite Garnet, Coral prevents from various problems and diseases
  • Gemini : Lord of Mercury – Green colored stone emerald is highly beneficial for financial problems. Green chalcedony prevents from any accidents and diseases
  • Cancer : The Lord of Moon, Milky color pearl, diamond, Moon Stone and Opal works great for household problems and others
  • Leo : The Lord of Sun, Red Ruby is the best stone of the Lord Sun. It cures over three thousand diseases
  • Virgo : The Lord of Mercury, Green Emerald is best for financial and other matters. Also, Green Chalcedony is good for health related matters.
  • Libra : The Lord of Venus, White diamond with its spectrum of seven colors calms the Saturn and helps keeping away from all problems in many ways
  • Scorpio : The Lord of Mars, Red Coral prevents from evil spirits and Yellow Hessonite Garnet Directs the business in right direction
  • Sagittarius : Lord of Jupiter, Yellow Topaz helps in marital problems and helps Led a Luxurious life and is beneficial for jaundice patients
  • Capricorn : Lord of Saturn, Black Cat's Eye Calms the lord Saturn down Submani Black stone and Yellow Topaz help in enhancing the business
  • Aquarius : Lord of Saturn, Black, Blue, Yellow Sapphire, Red Ruby or Star Ruby Wearing a Sapphire after an age of 40 years helps in Business melted problems and a Yellow Topaz
  • Pisces : Lord of Jupiter, Yellow Topaz, Chalcedony prevents from every disease and relaxes the life. Topaz helps in business enhancement and job related matters. Rudraksh is best for them Rudraksh cures every disease and problems.